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12th of June: getting to the Bell Rock lighthouse

Scotland trip 2013 Posted on Wed, May 21, 2014 14:35:57

Today we arranged a trip back to the Bell Rock lighthouse. I hoped to find some people who would be joining us out on this trip but unfortunately it was only the two of us. The skipper wasn’t there at the arranged time so I had to call him. I was under the impression that he rather not do the trip out there because he couldn’t make enough profit with only the two of us out on the trip. But anyway he took us out again and it was again great being out there. This time it was getting low tide so unfortunately no pictures with waves smashing against the lighthouse. But it was nice anyway!

11th of June getting to the Isle of May

Scotland trip 2013 Posted on Wed, May 21, 2014 14:30:39

Yes today was finally the day we would get to the Isle of May. As last year we didn’t manage to get there but today it looked good. When we arrived on the isle of May we first had to go passed a group of sterns. Which was an experience itself trying not to be attacked by the birds. But anyway once that was passed our trip around the Island could begin.

First we went to the new lighthouse (as you could still see the remains of the first lighthouse next to it) and then went further along to the low light.

On the way we were lucky to see some puffins to get pictures of them. I love those birds there so cute with that combination of colours. So after a few hours on the Island we headed back. But the sea was quite rougher returning then going to the Island. But once back ashore we were glad that we finally got out to the isle of May.

10th of june: rattray head, stonehave nature reserve

Scotland trip 2013 Posted on Thu, January 02, 2014 14:42:09

This morning got up at 3am to get a good sunrise at Rattray but unfortunately there were too many clouds so not much to be seen from the sunrise! After getting ready and leaving Rattray Head we went to Stonehaven nature reserve to photograph some birds. But not much luck. From there we drove to our b&b in Newport on Tay. We had a fantastic view over the river Tay and the bridge.

9th of june: Rattray head, Forvie nature reserve

Scotland trip 2013 Posted on Wed, January 01, 2014 20:39:33

This morning I got up at 3.30am to get a nice sunrise at Rattray with the lighthouse. But actually I was a bit too late. But got a few nice shots of the lighthouse with the sunrise! Afterwards we went to Forvie nature reserve to see some seals but the beach was closed because there were seal puppies. So we could only see the seals from across. And from there went back to Rattray. In the evening went to the lighthouse in time so we could get as close to the lighthouse as possible. So while it was getting low tide we keept on walking to the lighthouse. But at a certain point the rocks were full of moss so it was getting to slippery to get any further. So we decided to go back to the beach.

8th of june: troup head, kinnaird head and rattray head lighthouse

Scotland trip 2013 Posted on Wed, January 01, 2014 20:16:33

When we got op this morning it was foggy. Our first stop today was Troup head nature reserve to trying to photograph some gannets. The weather wasn’t that good for it but anyway. Getting there was a bit strange as at a certain point you needed to go through the grounds of a farmer! But anyway we got at the car park and walked from there to troup head. It was impressing to see those thousands of gannets. I think we stayed there about 2hrs to try and get a few shots. We came a long a few people there who also were photographing the gannets. They told us that in Aberdeen were seen dolphins. So when being in that area we certainly are going to take a look in the Aberdeen harbour. From here we drove to Fraserburgh to take a few shots of the Kinnaird head lighthouse but not that good a weather for it. Our last stop of today was Rattray head lighthouse. We were staying in the old lighthouse cottages. We are going to stay here for 3 nights. After settling in (the b&b wasn’t open as they were refurbishing the rooms so we could only stay in the hostel but had a private room) we walked to the beach to take a few shots of the lighthouse. It was getting low tide when being there and so a path to the lighthouse got visible. So we decided to get there earlier tomorrow evening so we could try and get as close to the lighthouse as possible. We will see tomorrow! When we arrived at the old cottages they were building a viking boat because they were having a viking wedding in june and still had a lot of work getting everything read by then!

7th of june: Kyleakin lighthouse

Scotland trip 2013 Posted on Sun, December 29, 2013 16:51:33

This morning we drove to the Kyleakin lighthouse to take a few shots and then we drove to the Bridge Water centre, where we needed to get our tickets for the tour of the Eilean Bàn island. There is an information centre so we first took a look at that and then went to the island. We first got some information about Gavin Maxwell and then visited the museum and at last we visited the lighthouse. We could take a look inside the lighthouse although it was a steep stair to get into the lantern. After visiting the island we drove to our b&b, settled in and then drove to see the Ornsay lighthouse. We went to see this lighthouse last year but it was pooring so badly that I didn’t got a decent shot of the lighthouse. But this time we had more luck, it was a sunny day! As our b&b wasnt that far from the skye bridge I decided to go on foot to try some long exposureshots of the lighthouse and the bridge! It was a great sunset with some beautiful colours on one side and behind me the clouds were coming in over the hills.

6th of june: Neist Point lighthouse

Scotland trip 2013 Posted on Sun, December 29, 2013 16:33:12

This morning we decided to go back to Neist point lighthouse as I wanted to have shots from every angle possible. So went all around the lighthouse. Climbed over the rocks to get as far as possible. I was suprised when I watched at my watch and saw it was almost 2pm. So we decided to go back to our b&b and get refreshed. We then drove out to coral beach (as the people where we were staying told us certainly to take a look). When you get on that beach you seem to be in an exotic country. Beautiful white beach, blue water and you can find little pieces of coral, shells etc . We stayed there for a couple of hours with off course collectiong some shells and coral. As I can’t be on a beach and leaving without some shells.

5th of june: leaving Lewis&Harris

Scotland trip 2013 Posted on Sat, December 28, 2013 22:10:07

When we wook up this morning there was a big fog. We had planned to take a few shots from the lighthouse this morning but with that fog not much good came from it. But did it anyway. Then we went to the Blackhouse village from there we drove to Tarbert to get the ferry to Uig (isle of skye). The ferry took us after 1h30 to the isle of skye. From Uig it was about an hour drive to our b&b in Waterstein. When we arrived there a very friendly man welcomed us and took us to our room. It was an ideal place where we stayed as it was only a short walk to the Neist Point lighthouse! Which we already did that evening. I wanted to get as much shots of the lighthouse as possible.

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