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Day 24

scotland trip 2012 Posted on Sun, February 03, 2013 12:21:11

It was a rough sea last night and didn’t sleep much. We arrived I think an hour later then was planned because they had to return at a certain point to let someone on board (through helicopter) to get the ship save into the harbor. Once of the ship it was time to drive home. And so that was the end of our 3 weeks lighthousehunting vacation.

Day 23

scotland trip 2012 Posted on Sun, February 03, 2013 12:17:11

As the ferry leaves at 5PM our initial idea was to see a few lighthouses in England but because of the bad weather we didn’t do much and went to the ferry terminal at noon. They started check-in at 2PM. And shortly there after we could already get on the boat. And so this was the end of our holiday! It was with pain in my heart that I was leaving Scotland as this has been the most beautiful vacation so far, I lost a piece of my heart in Scotland 🙂

Day 22: Last day in Scotland

scotland trip 2012 Posted on Sun, February 03, 2013 12:09:52

When we got up this morning it was raining a lot! Our first stop was Little Ross lighthouse. This lighthouse is located on an island not far from the mainland. But as we drove towards the point we should see the island from ashore we didn’t see anything. So I asked a man who walked there where we could find the Little Ross lighthouse and he said we had walk across the first meadow and we could already see something of the lighthouse and that you actually needed to go through the second meadow but that wasn’t possible now. So we started to walk over the first meadow but we didn’t see anything of the lighthouse. On the second meadow there were cows on. So my husband looked if there were only cows walking on the meadow and no bull. So we went across the second meadow too. In the rain and a lot of wind when we were past the second meadow. We saw the lighthouse but no good conditions to take pictures. So I quickly took a few and went back then!

From here we drove to Southerness lighthouse. Taking a few pictures. But at that beach there were a lot of special shells so we collected some shells. That is something I usually do when I go to the coast in an other country and we hadn’t had done that so far 😉

From here we drove to Newcastle as we needed to catch the ferry to Ijmuiden the next day!

Day 21: Mull of Galloway lighthouse

scotland trip 2012 Posted on Sun, February 03, 2013 11:56:50

Today we first went to find the Crammag Head light but as it was very misty we didn’t see it and the road just ended up in a farm so we returned and picked up Peter to go to the Mull of Galloway lighthouse. We first started with visiting the exhibition centre as it was misty outside and not really good to take pictures. You have to be quick because as quick as the mist appears as quick as it can disappear. It was an interesting exhibition centre with a lot of information. So after the exhibition centre we went to the foghorn and then walked around to take pictures from every angle possible. I think we actually were there for 4-5 hours. I think it was 5PM when we decided to leave. And as we had enough time we suggested Peter to drive him back home. So once we had dropped Peter of at home we decided to drive back to Killantringan lighthouse as it was now good weather. And didn’t had good pictures yesterday because of the rain. It got me a few nice shots. From there we drove back to the Mull of Galloway to try and photograph the lightbeam. It was midnight when we finally got back in our b&b. 🙂

Day 20

scotland trip 2012 Posted on Sun, February 03, 2013 11:45:25

First stop of the day was Loch Ryan lighthouse. They were working at the area around the lighthouse and completely surrounded by a fence. So luckily there was somebody working so that we could ask if we could get a quick look at the lighthouse. From here we drove to try and photograph the lighthouse from the other side of the river. But not really a good view.

From here we drove to Corsewall lighthouse this is a 4 star hotel. We went around the lighthouse to take some pictures.

Then we drove to Killantringan lighthouse but on the way it already started to rain. So we only took a few pictures and then drove off to our b&b. Once checked-in we drove to the Mull of Galloway lighthouse as this wasn’t very far. From our room you normally have a view on the Mull of Galloway lighthouse but as it was misty we didn’t saw it.

Day 19: Boat trip to Ailsa Craig

scotland trip 2012 Posted on Sat, February 02, 2013 21:34:00

At 10AM we arrived at the Girvan harbor, where we met up with Peter Hill and his wife. We were going out on a boat trip to the Ailsa Craig lighthouse. We discovered the lighthouse with the memories of a former lighthousekeeper. It was a pity to see that the former lightkeeper’s cottages were so deteriorated. There are 2 foghorns on the island a northern and southern one. We had a few hours to walk around on the island although we didn’t went that far. After we were back from Ailsa Craig we were asked for tea with friends. We had a wonderfull evening.

Day 18

scotland trip 2012 Posted on Sat, February 02, 2013 15:42:37

Today our first stop was the Toward lighthouse. The lighthouse cottages was up for sale. There is also a foghorn but this one was different then the ones we had seen so far. This one looked like a little house with a horn on it. From here we drove to McInroy’s point where we took the ferry to Gourock. From there we drove to the Cloch lighthouse.

Then we drove to Troon because I had hoped to see something of the Lady island lighthouse but no luck. So from here we drove off to Turnberry lighthouse. You can get to the lighthouse if you go across the golf course. And hoping that you don’t get hit by a golf ball. This was the last lighthouse of the day and then went to Old dailly where we are staying for 2 nights.

Day 17 Mull of Kintyre lighthouse

scotland trip 2012 Posted on Sat, February 02, 2013 15:24:50

Today we went to the Mull of Kintyre lighthouse. We drove as far as we could and then parked our car. From there you need to walk a steep hill down for about 2 miles I think. It has the feeling that it takes you forever to get to the lighthouse. After every curve you think you are finally there but that is thought wrong 🙂 Once at the lighthouse you can walk all around the buildings. After taking some pictures it was time to go back up again and that takes a little time and effort 🙂

After this adventure we drove to Tarbert take the ferry across but because we were just to late we decided to drive around. We drove out to Dunoon where we are staying. We have a view from our room to the Cloch lighthouse.

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