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Day 4: Boat trip cancelled

England trip 2015 Posted on Mon, June 15, 2015 20:26:39

Today we were suposed to go out to the Calf of man and Chicken Rock lighthouse but because of the wind the sea was too rough to get us out which I was really disapointed about but unfortunately nothing to do about it.

So we decided to find a way to get as close to the lighthouse from ashore to get a few shots of the lighthouse despite not getting out. And we were lucky we found a place where we could see the Chicken Rock lighthouse a bit! But unfortunately no luck for those of the Calf of Man lighthouses. But because of the bad weather (rain) we had to go back in time before we had the rain on us. But we were not back in time before the rain.

Day 3: Calf of Man

England trip 2015 Posted on Mon, June 15, 2015 20:13:08

So far the boat trip to the calf of man and chicken rock lighthouse was planned for tomorrow as that would be the better day so far.

So today we went to do some sightseeing around the south of the isle of man.

We first went to the Sound Cafe and visitor centre to have a look at the Island. We had hoped to catch a glimp of the lighthouses but unfortunately no real luck. We did some more walking.

In the afternoon we went to walk to Milners’Tower and relaxed a bit in the evening.