This morning we took the 9.30AM ferry at Gill’s bay to St Margaret’s Hope. Just about an hour crossing. You can see the stroma lighthouse from the boat but unfortunately the weather wasn’t good so no useful shots of the lighthouse possible.

Once we arrived there we first went to Hoxa Head to see the remains of the war artifacts. We were lucky as it stopped raining by then.

From there we drove to where it is possible to see the Heliar Holm and copinsay lighthouse. Here it was the same because of the bad weather not good to take pictures.

And then off to our b&b, there we mentioned going to the brough of Birsay lighthouse but she tod us that wasn’t going to be possible because they were working on the causeway. But we decided to go and see for ourselves. But when we arrived there we were lucky as the causeway was open en we could cross the causeway (which is only accessible at low tide). So we crossed the causeway and walked up to the lighthouse.